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This is Jin-sook Kim, the president of corporation Korean Academy of Audiology(KAA) from 2021. KAA has become an organization that can have a good influence on the field of audiology in Korea with the dedication of its presidents and executives and the active participation and support of its members from 2004. I am honored to serve as the president of this organization.
In the development of technology and industry and in the change of social structure, we put on our considering cap for the role of KAA for improving academic status of audiology and social contribution to the hearing impaired. Conclusively, the following goals that we would like to achieve through academic seminars, academic conferences, and the Audiology and Speech Research(ASR) journal. Firstly, we would like to solidify the foundation of audiology through harmonious communication and cooperation among members, secondly, to upgrade and internationalize audiology in Korea, and thirdly, to achieve social contribution by expanding and generalizing the area of expertise.
I would like to thank the executives for their willingness to pursue these goals. All of this would not be achievable without active participation and service from members. Please continue to support us with your interest and affection. I wish all members good health and well-being.

Thank you.